something that upsets me and makes no sense:
parents who love, respect, and support their children- but conditionally.

for example: parents who are homophobic. they will love and support their children- as long as they are heterosexual.

another example: parents who are very religious. they will love and support their children- as long as they accept and follow their religion.

and honestly, it’s so fucking fake to me to be a parent like this. you expect your children to feel loved, and you think you’re a good parent, but honestly you’re shit if you can’t accept your children for being themselves. like there will always be that thought in the back of your children’s head- what if my parents find out I’m gay? what if they find out I’m an atheist? what will they do? and it’s even worse when it’s unclear. it’s scarier. will will they still love me? will they love me less? will they hate me?

it’s so fucking depressing. honestly, I couldn’t do it. I would just crumble- knowing any moment my parents would instantly dislike me and stuff. fuck that sucks.

when people see a thin / possibly underweight person and say “someone give this person a cheeseburger, pizza, etc.” …

you a literally SO ignorant it’s disgusting. get fucking educated. that’s all i can say.

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